Raised in a small Polish town, she grew up in a house which encouraged creativity. Her mother’s passion for couture fostered in Kinia a strong desire to find her own artistic path. Kinia got her first camera when she was 14 & she hasn’t been apart from it ever since. She studied fashion photography at University of West London and traveled around the world seeking inspiration brought by places & extraordinary human appearance. These two blended together create a perfect base for her art.

Kinia views her photography as a means to tell stories, brought to life by connecting with her inner child and expressing emotions, deeper feelings with a touch of fairy tale. Her artistic process is a combination of a fantasy, soul remembrance & a spontaneous flow.

She is currently based in Bali, where she connected with her soul on a deeper level, what brought her to her new project “Healing The Soul”.

An author of the award-winning book "Creativity is Well Paid". A selection of her photographs was published in British Vogue, Vanity Fair, as well as Vogue Italia Online (photo-vogue).


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